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Who is she ?
Name : Pop Harukaze

French name : Bibi Harukaze

Born the : September 9th

Fairy : Fafa

Description : She's DoReMi's little sister. A lot more efficient than her in quite every domain (when she becomes Majorika's apprentice in episode 25, she progresses a lot faster than her sister..), she even has a full dating timetable (she even dares asking DoReMi how it is possible that at their age, her and her friends are still without boyfriends !). She becomes good friend with Onpu because they have the same personality. At last, she enjoys bothering her sister as everyone says that she's really mature for a kid, but deep inside, she's still a baby : for instance she can't prevent herself from getting asleep very early (which makes her often miss her exams), or the fact that she strongly believes in Santa Klaus, that's cute (who said he didn't exist ?!) ^^.

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Her spells
Transformation : Original version :
French version :
Puritii wiichi Poppu-chi !
Pirouli piroula et voilà !
Magic : Original version :
French version :
Pipito Purituto Puritaso Peperito!
Pipito Purito Pépérouto !

Her fairy : Fafa

Her family
Father : Mr ?? Harukaze

Mother : Mme ?? Harukaze

Description : DoReMi and Pop's mother is a housewife. She spends her time shopping and cooking for her daughters and her husband, however, when she's got some free time alone, she loves doing stretching in front of the TV in the living-room ! DoReMi's father is a writer but is favorite hobby is to go fishing although he isn't very good !

Where does she live ?