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Who is she ?
Name : DoReMi Harukaze

French name : DoReMi Harukaze

Born the : July 30th

Fairy : Dodo

Description : She's the main characther of the anime. She's really clumsy and absent-minded and she isn't very efficient as a witch, besides, her fairy is as clumsy as she is ! She doesn't really like school because she often gets bad grades. Of course, she really likes her friends and her little sister but what she likes the most on Earth is... eating great steaks ! She's also very "sensitive", and can easily fall in love with any guy, but unfortunately for her, it's never mutual. At last her favorite sentence is : "I'm the most hapiless girl in the Wooooooorld T_T" !

Outfits for each season
Season 1 :
Season 2 :
Season 3 :
Season 4 :

Photo album
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Her spells
Transformation: Original version:
French version :
Puritii wiichi DoReMi-chi !
Pirouli, piroula, et voilà !
Magic: Original version:
French version :
Pirika pirirara poporina peperuto !
Pirikala Paporina Pékélatou Pépélato !
Magical stage: Original version:
French version :
Pirika pirirara nobiyakani ! Magical Stage !
Pirikala Paporina Pékélatou Pépélato ! Cercle magique !
Royal Patraine: Original version:
French version :
Pirika patore !
Pirikala royal !

Her fairy : Dodo

Her family
Father : Mr Keisuke Harukaze

Mother : Mme Haruka Harukaze

Description : DoReMi and Pop's mother is a housewife. She spends her time shopping and cooking for her daughters and her husband, however, when she's got some free time alone, she loves doing stretching in front of the TV in the living-room ! DoReMi's father is a writer but is favorite hobby is to go fishing although he isn't very good !

Where does she live ?