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Who is she ?
Name : Onpu Segawa

French name : Loulou/Nicole Segawa

Born the : March 3rd

Fairy : Roro (in French : Lolo)

Description : Onpu is the 3rd great friend of DoReMi, Hazuki and Aiko. At first she was a very famous and really appreciated singer. She arrives in the 3 friends' class around episode 30 and shows a really disdainful and selfish behaviour towards them. Then, the day of an audition for a movie during which for the last test, she has to disguise herself, she appears... as a witch ! And she cheats by charming the judges in order to be chosen. In fact, she's the student of Majorika's rival, Majoruka, who was also changed into a frog. But she soon becomes the three apprentices friend until the end of the season when she saves them from the worst. At last, we can add that even if she really has a good friendship with the others, she often seems to be apart, but this feeling turns out to be wrong throughout the seasons ^^.

Outfits for each season
Season 1 :
Season 2 :
Season 3 :
Season 4 :

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Her spells
Transformation : Original version :
French version :
Puritii wiichi Onpu-chi !
Pirouli, piroula, et voilà !
Magic : Original version :
French version :
Pururun purun famifami faa !
Pululu prune fami fami(fa) !
Magical stage : Original version :
French version :
Pururun purun suzuyakani ! Magical Stage !
Pululu prune fami fami(fa) ! Cercle magique !
Royal Patraine : Original version :
French version :
Pururun patore !
Pululu royal !

Her fairy : Roro

Her family
Father : Mr ?? Segawa

Mother : Mme ?? Segawa

Description : Onpu's mother is her agent, besides, making her daughter be a star of the show business was her dream (when she had the same age as her daughter, she was herself an idol marching to fame, but a fall during a show shocked her and she stop singing). When Loulou falls asleep in the 1st season, her mother thinks it's her fault because she biased her too much into realizing this dream of fame. Her father is a train driver and he isn't often present.

Where does she live ?