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Who is she ?
Name : Aiko Senoo

French name : Sophie

Born the : November 14th

Fairy : Mimi (in French : Fifi)

Description : Aiko is also one of DoReMi's best friends. She arrives in her class in the 3rd episode of the 1st season and becomes a witch-apprentice like the others. She's as old as DoReMi and Hazuki and lives with her father as her parents got divorced because of her mother's job. She's really sporty and even quite tomboy. She enjoys overcoming challenges. She's also very smart and sparing (like when she explains the bid and claim theory for the magical shop).

Outfits for each season
Season 1 :
Season 2 :
Season 3 :
Season 4 :

Photo album
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Her spells
Transformation: Original version :
French version :
Puritii wiichi Aiko-chi !
Pirouli, piroula, et voilà !
Magic: Original version :
French version :
Pameruku raruku rarirori poppun !
Pamékilap larilori palou !
Magical stage: Original version :
French version :
Pameruku raruku takarakani ! Magical Stage !
Pamékilap larilori palou ! Cercle magique !
Royal Patraine: Original version:
French version :
Pameruku patore !
Pamékilap royal !

Her fairy : Mimi

Her family
Father : Koji Senoo

Mother : Atsuko Senoo

Description : Aiko's parents got divorced when she was only 3 because they argued too much about the mother's job and because or her past miscarriage. They lived together in Osaka. That's why Aiko lives only with her father after the vacating, she rarely sees her mother. Her father is a taxi driver, so he has financial problems. He even almost got married again by self-interest with a woman chosen by his boss, but Aiko being totally opposed to this union, he refused the proposition. Little by little, Aiko's parents get close again, and finally her dreams come true... ^^

Where does she live ?