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Who is she ?
Name : Hana Makihatayama

French name : Flora ?

Born the : At the beginning of the 2nd season ^^;;

Fairy : Toto

Description : Hana is a baby witch born in a flower at the beginning of the 2nd season. She's entrusted by the Queen to DoReMi, Aiko, Hazuki and Onpu. She's a real crybaby at the beginning (like a regular baby ^^). Throughout the 2nd and 3rd seasons, she'll live lots of great adventures : she'll almost be kidnapped by Oyajide, almost taken away from her mothers by the physician... At the beginning of the 4th season, for a reason I ignore, she'll get the appearance of a girl as old as the others, however, she keeps her 3 years old's mental . ^^;;.

Outfits for each season
Season 4 :

Photo album
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Her spells
Transformation : Original version :
French version :
Puritii wiichi Hana-chan-chi !
Pirouli piroula et voilà !
Magic : Original version :
French version :
Poruri Pirari Hana Hana Pii !
Polala purola Flora Flora pi !

Her fairy : Toto