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Who is she ?
Name : Momoko Asuka

French name : Mindy Asuka

Born the : May 6th

Fairy : Nini (in French : Dydy)

Description : Momoko is a young apprentice who appears in the 3rd season. She comes from the USA where she already was an apprentice. She has a double nationality and speaks a bit Japanese (but when she transforms, she speaks it as a routine matter). At first she was quite shy, but then she'll go into DoReMi's class, which will make everything better ^^. Besides, she's very clumsy like her friend, so they fit together !

Outfits for each season
Season 3 :
Season 4 :

Photo album
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Her spells
Transformation: Original version:
French version :
Puritii wiichi Momoko-chi !
Pirouli Piroula et voilà !
Magic: Original version:
French version :
Peruton petton pararira pon !
Paparouna Parouta Palali Papon !
Magical stage: Original version:
French version :
Peruton petton savayakani ! Magical Stage !
Paparouna Parouta Palali Papon ! Cercle Magique !

Her fairy : Nini

Her family
Father : Mr ?? Asuka

Mother : Mme ?? Asuka

Description : Momoko's parents have the double nationality American/Japanese like their daughter. I don't know much about them except that the American side is from the mother, and the Japanese one from the father. ^^ Momoko's mother "seems" to be a housewife.

Where does she live ?