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Who is she ?
Name : Hazuki Fujiwara

French name : Emilie Fujiwara

Born the : February 14th

Fairy : Rere (in French : Mimi)

Description : Hazuki is one of DoReMi's best friends. We meet her in the 2nd episode and she later becomes a witch too. She has the same age as her friend. She lives with her parents but is mainly raised by her nanny because they're very rich and very busy although they really love her. Besides, she's a really shy and humble, but most of all smart girl, the best in her class. She also plays the violin very well. At last, the things she fears the most are ghosts !

Outfits for each season
Season 1 :
Season 2 :
Season 3 :
Season 4 :

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Her spells
Transformation: Original version:
French version :
Puritii wiichi Hazuki-chi !
Pirouli, piroula, et voilà !
Magic: Original version:
French version :
Paipai poipon puwapuwa puu !
Piripili poupaloura poupalou !
Magical stage: Original version:
French version :
Paipai poipon hinayakani ! Magical Stage!
Piripili poupaloura poupalou ! Cercle magique!
Royal Patraine: Original version:
French version :
Paipai patore !
Piripili royal !

Her fairy : Rere

Her family
Father : Mr ?? Fujiwara

Mother : Mme Reiko Fujiwara

Nanny : Mme ??

Description : Hazuki's parents are very rich people. They live with their daughter in a large house. Hazuki's father is one of the greatest film directors of the country and her mother is a businesswoman. She's veeeeery devoted to her daughter (despite herself) and wants her to realize all the childhood dreams that herself couldn't have, like practicing traditionnal japanese dance, wearing classy dresses, etc.. Of course, Hazuki feels"invaded" but she'll never dare telling her mother in order not to hurt her. To take care of their daughter when they're not here, Hazuki's parents kept the nanny who raised the mother . The nanny looks quite funny with her always angry look although she does everything to please Hazuki and her guests.

Where does she live ?