The Wizards


Who is he ?
Name : Oyajide

French name : Alexandre Jaunedoeuf / Comte Philippe

Description : Oyajide was previously a famous psychic in Witch World. But he was part of the Wizards' world which was rival to Witch World (because of Majominarai's spell which gave them a small territory). The wizards' King ordered him to go and steal malefic cards in order to bring terror and get some lands. But he lost them all in the Real World... As a punishment, he was changed into a kind of yellow dwarf frog and concealed in a PC aimed at detecting those cards. He meets the girls when the Queen gives them the computer and appoints them as Pure Hearts having to find back the cards, then in season 2, he becomes their enemy. Indeed, he has to kidnap Hana in order to avenge his "people" relatively to Jyô-Sama, unfortunately for him, he'll never manage to do it, even with the help of the FLAT4 quartet^^;;;. In fact, at the end, we realize that Hana was only meant to bring the King and his kingdom back to normal, nothing evil !