The Wizards


Who is he ?
Name : FLAT4

French name : le FLAT4

Description : The FLAT4 is a group of 4 wizards from the Wizards' World. They've been called to help Ojayide in his mission, which is to kidnap Hana, but each one of them falls in love with one of the girls, and they'll help them until the end. They are really good wizards and they do magic with the 2 wicks of hair they have in front of their head. Their names are Fugio, Leon, Akatuki and Toru, that's why they call themselves FLAT4, but in French they invented a motto : "Force, Loyauté, Amitié, Toujours" (strength, loyalty, friendship, always) . They don't appear in the 3rd season but they do come back in the 4th as friends^^. They each have an own personality that I'll detail below. In the 4th season, Oyajide joins their group which is now called FLOAT5 !

Fugio no F !
Name : Fugio

French name : Felix

Description : Fugio is the most serious in the group. He definitely prefers Hazuki and obviously can't stand Yada (Maxime in French, the green-haired guy) !

Leon no L !
Name : Leon

French name : Léon

Description : Leon is the sporty one, like Aiko within the girls. So he will prefer her, because since she beat him at basketball, he'll try to become stronger than her in order to get his revenge. He'll be training hard (vainly ^^;) as Aiko eventually beats him in all domains !

Akatuki no A !
Name : Akatuki

French name : Jérémy

Description : He's the leader of the group, and the 1st one to join Ojayide in his mission, during season 2. He appeals DoReMi as soon as they meet in the season, and despite his mission, he really seems to like her. He appears to be very calm and serene most of the time, but when he sees "the Space hoverers", he can't stay on place ! He really loves them and is very happy when DoReMi offers the figurine she won !

Tôru no T !
Name : Tôru

French name : Stéphane

Description : Finally, Tôru the last one of the FLAT4, absolutely wants to become famous like Onpu. He adores her and thinks at first that it's easy to appeal all attention as Onpu often does, but he'll rapidly realize that it's a matter of work in this domain. Of course, like the others, he loves his "prefered one".